Math teacher defends me for refusing to say "Under God"

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Math teacher defends me for refusing to say "Under God"

Today, while in math class, we were saying the pledge of allegiance as it was the beginning of the day. So I get up as I normally do to say it, you know, without the under god part. I do and when I am finished a girl asks me "Why didn't you say under god?" and I answer, "Because I don't feel it should be in the school systems."... Then she went, "Oh! Are you one of those atheists?" and I said, "Yes, I am." Then rudely enough she was able to go on and say "Well, I have a problem with that!" To make a long story short, we had a bunch of mormons and christians walling in on me to get me to explain myself, not wanting to offend anyone i said "I don't know if you guys are ready to have this conversation with me right now." Eventually I got into debating with them for around 45 minutes which made half of the class happy because my math teacher (who i just discovered today was a HARDCORE atheist) was defending my points and beliefs. Naturally, since they are so close minded they were saying retarded bullshit like "Have faith and you'll hear him." and i said "Ok, maybe I will." The group of kids that i was debating with agreed to continue tomorrow, so they could get their bible verses... etc.

I'm going to get them back by bringing them ALL of the contradictions and using logic. Could you guysp lease help me out here?


One of your admins,

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Don't worry about offending

Don't worry about offending people. Stupid people deserve to get offended.

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here's some sites with

here's some sites with biblical contradictions:

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here is another website for

here is another website for you:
or just click here

Click on whatever section you want on the right hand side.

When I was in high school I wrote a little something to help me debate... If you want to use it...

Myspace link:
or just click here

Nice to see that you were not completely alone... although now'a days I prefer to take many on at once. ;-P