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Consider this

Sheep are dumb, Blind sheep fall off cliffs
Part I

Sheep are dumb, Blind sheep fall off cliffs” This statement alone would describe religion. If you are religious, make no doubt about it you are a sheep, now whether you are blind or not depends on how devout you are to your particular religion. You have the sheep new to the pasture, they still can see and in fact look around and see all the others, but as time goes by they start to eat the tainted grass, and this grass takes your sight away. The grass is religious “food” if you feed yourself with all the lies of your church, then you become more blind, until one day you are so blind the only security you find is in the other sheep. Huddled together slowly making your way toward the cliff till you fall off and it’s to late. Now I used to be a sheep. I was one of the sheep who was starting to go blind. But suddenly I lifted my head up and said “what are we doing? The grass is worn and old and filled with lies. So I left and once again became human.

Now I will admit that’s not the best analogy, but for my purpose it works, I am writing this document not to prove god doesn’t exist, well not so much. But more for myself as a way to collect my thoughts and if it helps you in the process then good. Now during this document, it is not my intent to insult either. Please, don’t jump off the high dive without checking the water first. Read what I have to say, and then if you have any comments I will attach my email at the bottom I will gladly accept anyone’s opinions about my writing. Now please sit back and take a trip with me.

A trip to not to long ago, back when a boat with pilgrims made its way to an unexplored continent, they called the Americas. Now you could call these people “religious refugees” for in fact that’s what they were, leaving there country to come to another for religious freedom. They want to make a place were they have the freedom to practice whatever religion they want. Notice I did not say to practice one religion. For in all true reality that’s why they came. But today, if asked who the pilgrims were the response would surprise most, they were “Christians” now were in the history books does it state that they were all of the same faith? If that were so wouldn’t they have established ONE religious church? But yet they created many different denominations? But now lets jump back to present day, my point was we are not a country built on god, no quite the contrary, we were built on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

But what is religious freedom really? For that matter what would you define Freedom as? The dictionary defines it as “the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint.” Well maybe that’s a little extreme. The freedom I talk about is the ability to do what you want as long as it harms no one else in conflicts with their freedom. So why do we have theist forcing themselves upon us, and yet we cannot speak against them or we are branded and I quote “evil”.

Evil? Morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: Wow strong words. But wait morally wrong? How can theist call us morally wrong? Point: Most theist hate homosexuals. “Atheist” accept that most were truly born that way. Yet theist rebuttal that their “Bible” says its wrong. You trust a thousand year old book? But I won’t get into that just yet. We as “atheist” have better morals than theist. We are more accepting, less racist sexist and more kind.

You might be saying how can a person who doesn’t have a god or bible have ethics, well that’s to imply that if you didn’t have god or a fear of hell then you would go and kill a stranger. No ethics is taught by the parent passed down to the children through trial and error. Society tells us what is wrong and what is right. Though it may not sound like much considering society today, honestly the basic moral still exist, do not kill others, treat them fairly, do not hate for pure purpose of color or religion. But children will learn a variance of things depending on what their parent figures teach them. So that said Do we need religion to be righteous? Negative. Doubt me? Check this out

So one point down. Now what? Well let’s have a chat about the big man upstairs. Lets say you don’t think that I am right. Let’s talk about that good loving guy. Good and loving. Excuse me? Ok one sec. Pretend that I am a parent. I have a kid, I tell him he can stay out as late as he wants. And when he comes home, I punish him for coming in late? Now would that be very nice? No I would be a bad parent right? Well god does the same thing. “You have free will to worship me, you can choose not to. But if you don’t you will burn in hell forever!” Gee, thanks dad! Infinite punishment for finite crimes. Now that’s justice! Let’s stop for a second, if god really does exist, I would choose not to worship him. I don’t need someone threaten me with eternal perish. If he was so wonderful wouldn’t that be enough? Why does he need to dangle hell in front of us? Because he makes no sense.

Now let’s go way back, to the start of it all! Big bang long story short, huge explosion creates everything, but what created the molecules theists ask. God did they answer their own question “how rude!” Ok so god created them, what created god? “He has always been there!” wait, if he has always been there why can’t the makings of the universe always be there? Hmm…think about that one!

The root of all evil equals god. *Gasp* No really god made the devil, so all evil comes from god. Why did he create the evil? He didn’t because he doesn’t exist. We are responsible for our own actions. I do something good, Yes that’s me, I do something bad that’s me to hold he accountable for me!

But now I suppose I will come to a close, for now, I will leave you with these final thoughts:

1. I will live every day to the best of my ability and make it as good for my fellow man as I can. And not work for something when I die. But work for now and make it as tolerable as I can.

2. Atheist are more patriotic, in general, than Theist because they don’t love god over their country.

3. I accept everyone for who they are, not what the believe.

4. Atheist don’t worship the devil. Quite the contrary, if we don’t believe in god, we sure as hell can’t believe in the devil. (No pun intended)

5. We all should try to make the world a better place for ourselves. Help one another out, life is to short.

6. Enjoy the beauty of life.

Thank you for your time,
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