AGEism in the workplace ( UK )

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AGEism in the workplace ( UK )

does anyone find the new laws on ageism that have been passed in the UK a bit darker than we are lead to believe?

i know its good in some ways because it means older people can still work and survive because the pension scheme only supports a few. but for the rest of us isnt it kinda like the British government saying
"now you can work all your life" :D
"now you can work till you die" :D

i just find the new law an easy way to push the boundries on when a person can have their retirment.

and although they will show the examples of the LUCKY few that have broken through the net when we all are older so it all looks like it is worth it, how about for the unlucky millions that will have to work till they die? or until they are 75 ?
sounds a great life hey! ? i know i personally wouldnt want to work in a factory all my life. because those with no choice on the matter will have to unitl they die,this is the basic agenda im getting from the government here, to push production of services and other industries.

i know employers still have the right to dismiss an employee at 65 though, so how does that work but more to the point:

if people want to work then let them but we shouldnt raise the age of retirement in accordance with this.
because then we really are a slave to the wage.

a civilisation is based on how we look after our old and how we educate our young and at this rate we really are not looking after our older generations.

what do you think ?

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Hmm, i think they do the

Hmm, i think they do the same thing in the US.

There was a guy on television, and he was like turning 98 and he was still working. And has been working at the same place for like 60 years. You have to admire people like that.