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Children's Faith

When you assert something is true, and that all who don’t believe will burn for all eternity, I would expect some evidence, or even some logical reasoning to back your hypothesis. Otherwise, you cannot be positive of this assertion’s truthfulness. If you claim you are, sorry, but you’re a fool. It’s that simple people, and I seriously don’t give a hoot if you’re angry about it, because you have no reason to be AT ALL.

Why do you have faith? Ask yourself that. And don’t answer with “I just believe that Jesus blah blah blah”, because the question was WHY you believe, not WHAT. And don’t give me that “I feel God” stuff, either. Please. Becoming excited by your pastor’s logically fallacious speech isn’t a “religious experience”. All life decisions should be thought out, not blindly believed in without any thought at all and being passed off as indescribable “feelings” (please don’t try to describe them, I really have had enough of this “God is the trees and the wind and a warm feeling in your heart” stuff). And we all know (as long as you aren’t in extreme denial) that there is no evidence for God or Jesus, and all logic actually says that your Judeo-Christian God is unbelievably improbable.

Gay Marriage

Gays getting married. There is barely a debate here at all. It’s not on me to say why it’s right; it’s on the fanatical brainwashed masses of hate and bigotry called Christians to say why it’s wrong. So, let’s look at a blog. I’ve seen a few of these, and they’re all the same. The all make the same logically fallacious arguments so I’m only going to show you one.

Okay, here it goes:

“First off i really dont care what anyone thinks about me writing this blog. I do not please man. I please God. Deal with it. And if you do not like my opinion and the facts i give..fine by me. I dont care if i even lose friends over this topic.


I'm testing the blogs, bee-och! This is cool, now any member can have their blog right there! Woot!

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